Changing lives.

One backpack

at a time.

because 1 in 5 children in North Carolina are hungry


BackPack Friends Changing Lives . . . 

 true stories from people involved with BackPack Friends

“Hey Danielle, I have to share a story that brought tears to my eyes . . . I was subbing yesterday and a little boy came up to me and said I’m so glad it’s Friday. I said you are, why? He said because I get my backpack filled and that means I finally get food. He was so happy, so thank you from him!”
"If you could have anything in your bag what would it be?  A flashlight so I can see my food when I eat it in the closet"
“What you're providing my students is hope, hope and the knowledge that someone cares for them"
“could I please get some toilet paper to take home? We don’t have any.”
“could we add another bag to our count this week? We have another homeless family.”

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